Pennies For Duchenne

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Kyle (11) and Mark (10) Trull wanted to do something to help their "summer brother", JB. So in talking with their Mom, they came up with the idea to raise 1,000,000 pennies! They spent time coming up with a name and a slogan for their campaign, ideas on how to raise the pennies (including finding them on the ground) and what to use the money for. When asked what they wanted to raise the pennies for, they said "a cure and toys for the waiting room" at MGH where kids spend a lot of time between their appointments. They are going to put 10% of all pennies donated towards things for the waiting room and 90% towards research.


The objective of Pennies for Duchenne is to:

Raise awareness of DMD and JB's Keys (JB's Key #1)

Improve Quality of Care by making visits to MGH easier (JB's Key #2)

Fund research for a cure (JB's Key #3).


The Pennies for Duchenne campaign is happy to announce that the boys presented to The Spofford Pond School in Boxford, MA! The campaign was accepted as one of the non-profits for the 6th grade Community Project. They are on their way to reaching their goal!

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